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Because five eggs are too many and three eggs are not enough! Four egg omelette with mozza and cheddar served with hash browns and toast.

Add toppings: bacon, ham, spicy sausage, beef, pepperoni, feta, cheddar, mozza, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeño.

Two delicious Belgian waffles served with crunchy fried chicken and maple syrup! The deep South’s tradition really should have been Canadian, what with the maple syrup and all! So we’re taking it back ‘Merica! Served with hash browns, bacon and one sunny side up egg.

French toast is even better when it’s deep fried! Served with potato pancakes and our signature ham and egg cup!

You know what you need? THIS! We smother two of our fluffy Belgian waffles with decadent Nutella and maple raspberry sauce, stack them high and top them with a dollop of whipped cream! Served with hash browns and 2 eggs.

8 oz AAA Sirloin steak cooked to your liking with three eggs, and served with hash browns and toast. This works better than two Tylenol, Visine and Scope.

This goes together better than bacon and eggs…served with hash browns and toast.

Our delicious Brewhouse burger topped with mayo, one egg, peanut butter, bacon and just the right amount of maple syrup drizzled on top! Served with hash browns and last night’s regrets.

Bacon, sausage, grilled ham, hash browns, two eggs, two Belgian waffles and toast. Slam this one down after a late night!

What’s better than a breakfast sandwich? Ummm…TWO breakfast sandwiches! English muffin, egg, cheddar and bacon. Served with hash browns.

English muffin with ham and eggs, smothered in hollandaise. Any reason to smother something in hollandaise is a good reason. Served with hash browns, toast and fresh tomatoes.

Bacon, ham, ground beef, mushrooms, onions, eggs and grated cheddar and mozza. Ultimately, you’ll love this!

Sauce up your breakfast with: Nutella, Maple Raspberry Sauce, or Hollandaise Sauce

Single and Double Caesars are on special every Saturday & Sunday until 4pm! There is always one with your name on it!

200ml Cristalino Brut Champagne

6oz Orange Juice

1 1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka

1/2 oz Golden Pear Liqueur

Topped with slush & a bottle of Cristalino Brut Champagne