Our Menu

Seasonal Fusion Menu

Sushi grade salmon tossed with cilantro, thai chilies, olive oil and loads of lime and orange juice to make a delicious ceviche! Served with avocado and crunchy tortilla chips.

We swapped the tomatoes with our homemade Kim Chi, an Asian style cabbage blend with red and green onion fish sauce, and Thai spice. Served on a crostini and topped with crumbled goat cheese.

Grilled Chicken breast on baby arugula with toasted walnuts and dried apricots & cranberries. This salad is dressed with our homemade cardamom yogurt vinaigrette and loaded with goat cheese.
We took a classic Philly cheese steak sandwich and made it “grate”er with beer! Shaved beef sautéed with red onions, red & green peppers then smothered in our rich beer cheese sauce. Served on a sesame roll with your choice of side.
Your choice of side: Fries, Soup of the Day, Rice or Tossed Salad
10oz. bone-in pork chop covered in our creamy homemade bacon mushroom garlic cream sauce. Served with your choice of side, seasonal vegetables and two pieces of cornbread.

Your choice of side: Fries, Soup of the Day, Rice or Tossed Salad

This one will leave you wanting s’more! A gooey chocolate and Oreo cookie base baked with jumbo marshmallows in a skillet! Served with graham cracker wafers.