Daily Specials

Weekday Specials

Monday – Friday
Open – 7pm

$4.99 Steins (all beers)

Weekend Specials

Saturday & Sunday
Open – 4pm

Brunch Menu
$5.99 Caesars

Daily specials

Start at 4pm

Dry Rib Mondays

$5.99 Cracked Pepper & Sea Salted Dry Ribs
$7.99 Tankards of Mill Street


Taco ’bout Tuesdays

$2.49 Beef Tacos or $2.99 Chicken Tacos, in hard or soft shells

**Add $1.49 to make it a Gordita!

$10.99 for a 3 Taco Meal (Braised Beef or Crispy Fish or Donair)

$19.99 Buckets of (4) Palm Bay & Corona ($4.99 each)

$4.99 shots of Jose Cuervo Tequila




Wing-tastic Wednesdays

$5.99 per pound regular or boneless wings in your choice of over 20 flavours!

$7.99 Tankards of every beer on tapon-tap-50

Uncorked Thursdays

$5.99 Basket of 10 breaded or non-breaded Jumbo Shrimp in any of our wing flavours!

50% more wine! Get a 9oz glass for the price of a 6oz OR a bottle for the price of a 1/2 litre!

$7.99 Tankards of Alexander Keith’s IPA

Flavoured Fridays

$16.99 Prime Rib served with mashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables (all day)

$9.99 Flavoured Fridays (2oz vodka mix & match), ask your server for details!

$7.99 Tankards of Coors Banquet

Steak Saturdays

$20.99 10oz New York Strip Loin and Shrimp with roasted potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and seasonal vegetables

$5.99 glass or $34.99 50oz jug of Red or White Sangria

$7.99 Tankards of Shock Top


Pizza Sundays

$5.99 Two Topping 8 Inch Pizzas

$4.99 Premium Highballshigh-balls-50

$7.99 Tankards of Stanley Park