No Winter Blues Here!

We’re beyond excited to debut our Winter Feature menu, featuring eight all-new delicious items that will have you forgetting all about the cold weather and cozying up at our house!

Feature Food

Three Bomb Beef Sliders

These delicious sliders come loaded with maple pepper bacon, garlic mayo, iceberg lettuce, crunchy crinkle cut pickles and Swiss cheese on soft brioche buns. Tried a few slides at the waterpark and I think I’m addicted. It’s a slippery slope.


Canadian Poutine

We cranked this baby up to a whole ‘nutha level! Try our large bowl of maple bacon seasoned wedge fries, cheese curds, Boursin cheese (that’s right, creamy Boursin cheese), green onions and chicken gravy. We had a lot of fun poutine this together!


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This one is just the right amount of spice! Our fresh dough is smothered in pizza Alfredo, blackened chicken, mozza cheese, banana peppers, pickled jalapeños, red onion and tangy Buffalo sauce. What does a nosey pepper do? Gets jalapeño business!

8″ | $14.99
10″ | $19.99
12″ | $26.99

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Once you dip into this dip, you’ll never go back! Spicy Buffalo chicken mixed with cream cheese, shredded cheddar and pulled chicken and then loaded with hot sauce. This delightful dip is served with crostinis and house-made nacho chips. My co-worker and I laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.


Icehouse Burger

Our Alberta chuck patty is perfectly grilled and topped with garlic mayo, lettuce, ripe tomato, crinkle cut pickles, maple pepper bacon and ooey-gooey cheese curds. Someone asked me what to do with leftover bacon. I’ve never heard of that kind of bacon before.


Feature Drinks

Hot Apple Cider

Nothing hits the spot like a Hot Apple Cider when the temperature drops! Try our new, fragrant Apple Cider garnished with cranberries and an orange slice. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better cider!
Ask about a boozy option!


Hot Chocolate

Just the way you like it! Creamy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream! Do you ever think that maybe Hot Chocolate just wants to be called beautiful chocolate for once?
Ask about a boozy option!


Pick Me Up

Feeling sluggish? This one is for you! A few sips of this tasty, coffee-based bad boy and you’ll be wide awake! Featuring our Shaft Cocktail with Baileys and topped with Mexican Chocolate Bitters.
Ask your server for more details.