The Kelowna Ice Room Experience

The Belvedere Ice Room in Kelowna is a unique vodka tasting experience for both connoisseurs and adventurous tourists alike.

Visit the Belvedere Ice Room in Kelowna, BC
Try 4 different vodkas
The ice room maintains a -10 degrees Celcius temperature
The Belvedere Ice Room

The Canadian Brewhouse Belvedere Ice Room is the first in the city of Kelowna, and only the second in all of BC. It is exactly as the name suggests: an expertly crafted sub-zero vodka tasting room. The room is entirely composed of masterfully crafted blocks of ice and snow, and maintains a temperature of around -10 degrees Celcius. 

Vodka is one of the few spirits that is meant to be ice cold. It makes for an incredibly smooth pour, just the way the Russians drink it. Ice melts quickly when mixed with Vodka, thus diluting the natural flavours and aromas, so keeping them in what is effectively a giant freezer maintains the purity while ensuring it is as cold and smooth as possible.


Individuals interested in sampling from the Belvedere Ice Room will be escorted to the room by a trained in-house Vodka Expert. Guests will be provided with goose-down jackets, mittens and toques in order to keep warm in the ice room. The tasting will consist of four ½ oz samples of any Vodka from the room. Each Vodka is explained, noting particular tastes and unique facts about the Vodka prior to sampling. With such a diverse selection of unique Vodkas to sample, there is plenty of opportunity to visit the room again… and again…


$19.99 for four 1/2 ounce shots of vodka.


Guests interested in partaking in the Belvedere Ice Room experience start the process by inquiring with their server. Reservations for the room can be made in advance, but otherwise it is on a first come, first serve basis. The average time it takes for the entire experience depends on the guest, but generally lasts 8 – 12 minutes. Once a group’s turn has come to enter the ice room, the server will inform them to head over to the staging area just outside the room. There will be a rules list posted, and the host will go over the rules with the guests while at the staging area.


Standard Brewhouse Company Rules and Policies apply. There are additional rules for guests in the Vodka Ice Room that are intended for safety as well as enhancing their experience:

- No outside liquor (from their table) inside the Ice Room.
- No dropping shot glasses – All shot glasses are to be placed in the collection bin.
- The Vodka Expert cannot drink with the guests.
- The Vodka Expert will be respectful of all guest requests.  Guests must show the same respect to the Vodka Expert.
- Guests cannot get “extra” shots or have their shots topped up. 
- No leaving the room during the sampling. The door must stay closed until the sampling is finished in order to maintain the temperature of the room
- All jackets, mitts and toques must be returned upon exiting the room

“I believe if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade…And try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”
​ – Ron White (Comedian)

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