The Canadian Brewhouse announced today a mission to reclaim stolen cutlery across the country.

The famous cutlery, featuring forks shaped like hockey sticks and knives shaped like golf clubs, are often pocketed by guests. These items contain location-tracking chips. CBH is working with local law enforcement to reclaim the stolen goods and bring them back to tables across Canada… in Our House, not yours.

If you have stolen cutlery in the past and would like to turn yourself in, the cutlery can be returned to your nearest CBH location for a lesser penalty. Otherwise, we’ll take matters into our own hands to reclaim these items.

PICTURED: (L) Anonymous individual apprehended for stealing CBH cutlery // (R) Map of stolen cutlery from location-tracking

This individual said, “My friends always stole the cutlery whenever we came in to eat, and I was scared to because I’m not a criminal. They peer pressured me so I did it once, and now I’m paying the price. I regret my actions and will repay The Canadian Brewhouse through loyal patronage and returning the stolen cutlery.”

The Brewhouse Cutlery Task Force is out in full force effective immediately to confront and take back all utensils.