What is the “Ice Room”?
● A unique tasting experience exclusive to The Canadian Brewhouse Kelowna
● An expertly crafted sub-zero spirit tasting room
● The room remains at a temperature of -35°C
● The interior is composed of carefully handcrafted ice and snow


What is the experience about?
● A spirit will always taste best when cold, however, ice will only dilute the flavour
● Natural flavours and aromas of gin, tequila and vodka are compromised when mixed with ice
● Our giant ice room holds the purity of our products without contamination


What does the experience entail?
● One of our in-house spirit experts will host a spirit tasting in the Ice Room for the individuals who are
● Our guests will be provided with sanitized goose-down jackets and mittens to keep warm
● Each guest will receive a 1⁄2 oz sample of Belvedere and an additional four 1⁄2 oz samples of any spirit of
their choice
● During the tasting our trained host will explain the type, taste, and facts about that particular sample


Standards and Regulations
● All guests that appear under the age of 25 must provide government issued identification to the host
● Average time in the Ice Room is 10-12 minutes
● No reservations needed, first come first serve basis
● Groups no larger than 6, any group larger than 6 can be split into separate groups
● Each guest will receive a 1⁄2 oz sample of Belvedere and an additional four 1⁄2 oz samples of the spirits of
their choice
● There are three types of spirits to choose from: vodka, tequila and gin
● Absolutely no outside beverages or food are to enter the Ice Room
● Glassware is single use only, after each 1⁄2 oz tasting the guest will receive a new glass
● All spirit glasses must be collected in a collection bin after use
● To keep the temperature of the room consistent keep the door closed and avoid guests entering and
exiting during service
● All jackets and mittens must be returned after the service to be properly sanitized



Kelowna Belvedere Ice Room
Kelowna Belvedere Ice Room

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