Enter to win a trip for two to an NFL Home Opener of Winner's choice next season!



So you won a golden ticket! Congrats!

Here is how this weekend is going down:


Alberta + Manitoba:

Due to provincial restrictions, we will be rescheduling the trip giveaway to a later date when we are able to host you in-store. It may not be during the finals, but your golden ticket is STILL VALID, and we will still 100% be giving away a trip in these provinces.


BC + Saskatchewan:

The AFC/NFC Golden Ticket giveaways are still happening! You should have received a call by now from our manager to book a reservation for your spot on Sunday.

Customers that won a golden ticket are called back to watch the AFC/NFC games on Sunday. You will then enter the draw using your entry form into our ballot box. We will then be drawing names during the day to determine our final 5 finalists.

After the finals are over, the 5 finalists will each get an envelope. 1 of the 5 finalists will win the trip!




Do I have to be there to win?



Where do I go for registration when I get there?

There will be a registration table set up at the front doors, where you will be asked to show your ID. 


Can I reserve a table?

Yes and no. Yes, we are taking reservations, but please note that we may need to utilize our specially adapted, winterized patio for seating. The indoor tables will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. With outdoor seating provided after that. 


Do I have to be there for the first game of the day? 

No. However, indoor seating will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. So it’s just something you will want to keep in mind. You NEED TO BE ON SITE by (3:15 PM British Columbia) or (5:15 PM Saskatchewan time). 


If I’ve won a qualifying spot more than once does my name go into the draw that many times? 



How is the winner chosen?

The AFC game (the second game of the day) begins at 6:40 PM ET (3:40 PM PST and 5:40 CST).


Throughout this game, we will pull five finalists. At the end of the game, those five finalists will get called up randomly, and get to choose a wrapped football. Once everyone has a wrapped football, the five people will unwrap them. Whoever has the gold one, wins the trip!


 Can I go to a different location? 

No. Moving people around will affect the chances of winning and legal number of patrons allowed at each location. We’ve made this contest as fair as possible in order to ensure equal odds, regardless of the location you won at.



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