Life Is Worth Living


From May 4th to the 31st, help us raise awareness and decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. For only $3, you can purchase a green "Life Is Worth Living" Bracelet from any CBH location! All proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association's "Mental Health For All".

One in every three Canadians has suffered from some form of Mental Illness in their life, and the stigma surrounding discussing it is fading fast.

Our Brew Crew is proud to be able to take part in organizing and participating in raising money and awareness for this amazing organization!

LIWL Website

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Life Is Worth Living Foundation Inc. was founded in 2004, after a young lady, Brianne Carol Kennedy, tragically ended her life. Her sisters began the foundation with the following mission:

Life is Worth Living is a non-profit project dedicated towards spreading awareness and decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. Our hopes are to prevent other families from ever having to go through what we did through sharing Brianne’s story.

We strongly encourage everyone to go to their website,, to learn more about the amazing young women running this organization, and their cause.

Regards, and Mental Health for All,
- Jim

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