Ryan Reynolds purchases The Canadian Brewhouse, plans to convert all Liquor to 'Aviation Gin' - (Please note this was an April Fool's prank and we are in no way affiliated with Ryan Reynolds or Aviation Gin.)

Known for hit movies such as 'Dick' and 'Boltneck', and once appearing in an episode of 'Scrubs', Ryan Reynolds, has made a big move today. The movie star has finalized purchasing all 34 locations of The Canadian Brewhouse across western Canada. Something big like this isn’t unpredictable for Reynolds, but people are curious about his intentions for buying out this Canadian-themed bar. Some are saying this is another move in his fierce rivalry with Hugh Jackman, but we can confirm, it is simply to convert all the liquor in the bar to 'Aviation Gin'.

Starting June 1, 2021, we will be changing our menu online to reflect this change. All Draft Beer will be removed, along with wine and other liquor brands. All Dangles, Woodsys, Jet Chills, Bulldogs and Frozen Drinks will no longer contain any ingredient other than 'Aviation Gin' in a tankard glass.

"It's so good, there's no need to add anything to it," Reynolds told all our general managers Wednesday night after being asked about it.

Starting the presentation with a 15 minute cover of "My Heart Will Go On," Ryan Reynolds held a board meeting early Thursday morning to prove his Canadian-ness and to stress that "Every night will now be karaoke night at ALL locations!"

During the presentation there were a few keynotes that he wanted to stress:

  • Every picture on the wall will be replaced with a still from one of the Deadpool movies.
  • The jumbotron will be reconstructed to be his head with the only TV's being in "My big beautiful eyes"
  • All beer sponsor images around the bar will be replaced to just say the word 'GIN
  • The 'Brew Crew' will now be called the 'Aviators'
  • Whenever a movie comes out that he is staring in, showings will be held at the bar with no food service so you can focus on what really matters.

We look forward to our new owner and working together! Welcome to the Aviators, Ryan!